Body Talk Radio was a science based information program with interviews with leading experts in the fields of traditional, complementary, alternative as well as functional diagnostic medicine It looked into the research and uncovered the truth behind such questions as fatigue, exhaustion, diet, hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy, irritable bowel syndrome, gluten intolerance, diabetes, and cancer to name just a few. Click on any of the players below to listen.​  

Diabetes and Nutrition with Dr. Michael Dansinger

​Fatigue and Depression with Dr. Kelly Olson-NeuroScience, Inc

​Staying Healthy During The Cold and Flu Season

​Weight Loss and Obesity with Dr. Michael Dansinger
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Dr. Ross on San Diego 6 News speaks on Functional Medicine
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Dr. Steven Ross is the director of Functional Metabolic Medicine, Nutrition and Chiropractic Services for the treatment of chronic illness, pain and anti-aging. His 30 years plus of experience provides for a broad perspective in both complementary and traditional medicine approaches.

Dr. Ross consults and see's patients within the San Diego Spine and Wellness Center in Carmel Mountain Ranch. He also consults with patients around the world for a wide range of health challenges via the telephone.

Specializing in designing lab-based nutrition programs for a wide variety of health challenges. Dr. Ross provides personalized care as well as phone consultations worldwide for individuals desiring help with low energy, female hormone balancing, hot flashes, mood swings, insomnia, cognitive decline, ADHD, ADD, digestive and weight management issues, just to name a few. 

A new approach to the diagnosis and treatment of Aging and Chronic 
Illness with Functional Diagnostic Medicine.
"Drawing on over 30 years experience as a functional
medicine practitioner, author Dr. Steven Ross presents 
breakthrough solutions to underlying health issues that 
are destroying lives and overtaxing our health care system".

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Preventing Disease.

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